Cinegolpo is a Storytelling Platform that aims to tell the stories that should be told. We strongly believe in breaking all the barriers; march-pasting towards the goal of creating a liberal society, enlightened country and a peaceful world.

We emphasize on Features and Opinions, rather than hard news. We don’t go for Breaking; we write to find the root; we write about the aftermath. We don’t go for only Expert Opinion; we look for the thoughts of Youth on that particular issue.

Why Cinegolpo?

  • Online Scenario in Bangladesh is significantly Fragile now days. There are numerous numbers of Portals; we don’t know whom to trust. Also so many rumors are spreading like fire; online literacy in this arena has been very poor.
  • Quality Content in Bengali is very rare to find in online. There are some initiatives taking place, but still a big vacuum left in the wild jungle of online.
  • We often see raw news; but practice of Feature, Follow Up and Citizen Journalism isn’t regarded as the key portion of Journalism here. Breaking News is an important tool for sure, but people love to read insights, incidents behind the incident.
  • Also there are no mediums where Youth can share their thoughts on some specific topic. We always see expert opinions, but where is the platform for Youth?

So we came up with an Idea of building a Platform that will narrate stories having essence of ‘সিনেগল্প’. The Journey started from July 1, 2016. Still Miles to Go!